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Quick Catch Up #19: Filthy Americans

The Filthy Americans is the creation of Filthy Rockwell. BJ Smith of AUX88 and Filthy Rockwell met through a mutual business associate. BJ would eventually become Filthy’s manager, and later become Filthy’s partner in the brand “Filthy Americans”.  The concept behind Filthy Americans and their Northend storefront is about more than streetwear. “The Filthy Americans…


Quick Catch Up #18 Matt Abbott

Some of the best news coming out of a horrible year 2020 was that producer, DJ, promoter, visual artist, blogger, raw and creative mind Matt Abbott (aka Secrets, Gary Springs Hunting Club, Vacuum, Guys on Drugs to name a few) is making music again after a multi year hiatus. Abbott’s music is always thoughtful and…


DEQ 11 Interview: Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson Article: by Vince Patricola: Photos by Dan Haddad (from May, 2018)   Writing articles on people is rarely easy, especially if they are somewhat secretive and very studious.  I always thought my timing was bad while communicating with DJ/Producer Eric Johnson. More times than not (at various times of the day or night)…