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Amp Fiddler

You are about to hear the first podcast of a series called the Detroit Electronic Quarterly (DEQ) Mixpod. Founder and Publisher of DEQ Magazine, Vincent Patricola, is your host. This episode is a very personal vinyl record discussion with the legendary musician, vocalist, producer, Detroit’s son and community leader Amp Fiddler.


DEQ 17 feature: Shawescape Renegade

Shawecape aritcle written by Gregory Merritt aka DJ Disc   Jeremiah Shaw is a man of many names including Shawscape Renegade, J Shaw Electro or SpaceDrifter3000. His style of choice is electro, with early influences like Dopplereffekt, Drexciya, Aux 88 and more. His 2018 classic release Destination Space received international acclaim and more are coming in…


DEQ 17 Feature: Nandi

Nandi Comer article written by Vince Patricola and Monica Isaac… Find this and other amazing articles in DEQ17_18 (pictured here) Type A in the best way. That’s how I would describe the personality of poet, author, DJ, professor, director, advocate for Black artists, and writer Nandi Comer.  She is the type of person who understands…


DEQ 2022 Memorial Day Releases and Events

Events! Releases   Exciting releases for 2022! * DEQ 17_18 digital and print issues with 2 vinyl EPs * Event Guide for Memorial Day Weekend 4X4 print/digital ::: Artist features (* track on the LP and EP): DEQ 17 Jon Dixon, John Briggs*, Peter Croce*, Viands*,The Bassment, Grey Area(Southwest art gallery), Kaku (Usui) Sushi and…


DEQ 18 Interview: Eddie Fowlkes

Interview by Tajh Morris • Photos by Crawdaddy Chris Eddie Fowlkes is a living legend. Undeniably one of the founders of Detroit Techno culture, his roots go back to the Prep days on the west side of Detroit. Having an older sister in the 70s meant that Eddie was exposed to the high school progressive…