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DEQ Heritage Flashback: The Influential Scene and New Dance Show Interviews with Nat Morris, RJ Watkins and Henry Tyler by Mike Himes

THE DETROIT TELEVISION SHOW THAT CHANGED THE WORLD By Mike Himes, photos from the internet 🙂 (originally published for DEQ issue 5 in 2006)   In 2006, I had the honor of coordinating some interviews with Nat Morris, RJ Watkins and Henry Tyler for DEQ magazine (digital edition issue 5.) Vince Patricola and I visited these…


DEQ 18: Interview with DJ Moppy

DJ Moppy’s Journey to Detroit: Written by Donna Gardner and Photos by Lizz Wilkinson For decades Detroit has beckoned to the musically inclined and Christopher Thomopoulos aka Moppy was one of the individuals that heard its call. Like most music creatives, his journey is constantly evolving across genres. Moppy creates music he calls organic. He also maintains…