At Ima (Corktown location) on Weds, July 14, DEQ is pleased to present DJs Grant Jackson along with Bob Claus  DJ REC as part of our 2 DJs series! This will be a two part interview, first interviewing Grant Jackson. Grant has been hosting events at the Magic Stick (Taco Tuesdays and Sunday brunches) and others in secret locations.



DEQ: Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for us.  When did your journey as a DJ begin? Was there a particular moment or event where you decided that this was the path you wanted to take?

G: Not really sure where it began specifically, it started for me making beats with my friends and playing in bands. Then somewhere along the line a friend and I started doing live PA sets of experimental hip hop. We slowly started incorporating other pre recorded tunes into those sets and eventually started DJing.
DEQ: What made you decide to host events? Was it a natural thing?
G: I first started hosting events back in 2009 because there were no dubstep style events happening in Detroit at that time and then it kind of all fell together. It has changed shapes since then as far as styles of music.


DEQ: Who are some of the people booked to play? Do you have co-residents at your gigs?

G: Well the list is probably pretty long but with the 2 weeklies I have been doing for the past few years I have gone thru most of the Detroit locals  I don’t have any specific co-residents but I have a lot of help from the many talented DJs and artists we have in Detroit


DEQ: What styles of music do you play? Who are some of your biggest music influences?

G: I like to think I play a little bit of everything from funk and disco to halftime stuff to drum n bass. I usually find myself on the chiller side of all those tempos and really like jazz and r&b influenced sounds.


DEQ: We are so looking forward to your set at Ima on Weds (Jun 16). What kinds of music will you bring?

G: I plan on bringing a little bit of everything some old some new.


DEQ: Any songs come to mind when you eat there?

G: “Time (you and i)” by Khruangbin


DEQ: Where can we find more information on you and your events?

G: Currently most of the events i am hosting are at the Majestic in Detroit. I post about them on Facebook and they put them on their website. Otherwise I use Facebook and my company is called the “Purple Music Group.” The logo is an upside down pineapple with the letters “PMG” which is always on any flyers or images for the events I’m involved in.