Hope you all are safe and well. Congratulations to our featured artists for issues 17 and 18!!

Artist features (* track on the LP): DEQ 17

  • Jon Dixon (cover story)*, John Briggs*, Peter Croce*, Viands*,The Bassment, Grey Area(Southwest art gallery), Kaku (Usui) Sushi and Poke, Detroit Techno Militia (DTM), Two Rooms(Joel Peterson of Trinosophes & Sam Hooker of Peoples Records) Record Label Spotlight, Movement 2019 photo recap.

Artist features (* track on the LP): DEQ 18

  • DEQ 18: Claude Young(cover story)*, Techmarine Bottom Feeders(Paris the Black Fu, Luxus Varta)*, DJ Moppy*, DJ Holographic*, Mike Huckaby tribute, Apollo Brown,Sundiata OM, Daryl Stewart, Seraphine (Female DJ) Collective, Detroit Berlin Connection, and Third Wave Music

Thanks to our staff:

Head Designer: Blair French

Photographers: Marie Staggat, Amy Hubbarth, Chris Thorn, Suzy Dubiel-Reynolds, Lizz Wilkinson, Kyi King,


Dayna Himot, Aaron Lichko, Steven Reaume, Catherine Diggs, Dustin Alexander, Donna Gardner, Tammy Lakkis, Lance Bashi, Todd Johnson, Bet Lemos, Walter Wasacz, Vince Patricola.

Release Dates:

–      DEQ 17 will be released digitally on May 23rd

–      The record for DEQ 17 & 18 release date is TBD, no later than Labor Day 2020.

–      The Event Guide will be published

–      Print postponed indefinitely