In addition to afterparties, there are great interviews with all star promoters Brendan Gillen, Bruce Bailey, Theresa Hill, Maggie Derthick, Zay Crescendo, and Steven Reaume!  Must reads!!  Steven Reaume did an incredible job with the design, layout and listings as he always does for his site(s). www.thedetroitilove.com will have more updates! Stay Tuned!!

Pick up a limited edition at our roll out party at Two James Distillery with DJ Todd Osborn Weds 7:30-11. Afterwards you can get them at Submerge, Detroit Threads, Hello Records, Paramita Sound, Found Sound, Astro Coffee, Ima, Urban Bean, Peoples Records and more coming stay tuned for updates www.facebook.com/detroiteq

2017 Memorial Day afterparty Guide WEB (pdf view of listings & interviews)

www.thedetroitilove.com (with updated changes)