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DEQ Heritage Flashback: The Influential Scene and New Dance Show Interviews with Nat Morris, RJ Watkins and Henry Tyler by Mike Himes

THE DETROIT TELEVISION SHOW THAT CHANGED THE WORLD By Mike Himes, photos from the internet 🙂 (originally published for DEQ issue 5 in 2006)   In 2006, I had the honor of coordinating some interviews with Nat Morris, RJ Watkins and Henry Tyler for DEQ magazine (digital edition issue 5.) Vince Patricola and I visited these…


DEQ 18: Interview with DJ Moppy

DJ Moppy’s Journey to Detroit: Written by Donna Gardner and Photos by Lizz Wilkinson For decades Detroit has beckoned to the musically inclined and Christopher Thomopoulos aka Moppy was one of the individuals that heard its call. Like most music creatives, his journey is constantly evolving across genres. Moppy creates music he calls organic. He also maintains…


DEQ 18 Article: Apollo Brown

  Apollo Brown article written by Bet Lemos: Photo by Jeremy Deputat.   Apollo Brown is a Detroit based producer who has been a part of the Detroit hip hop scene since 2007. He has 22 albums to his credit and has worked with artists like Ghostface Killah (of Wu Tang Clan), Detroit’s own Guilty…


DEQ 18 Article: Sundiata OM

Sundiata O.M.:The Life Story of an Unsung Detroit Legend, Percussionist, Cultural leader, Community builder  Written by Catherine Diggs, photos by Alexandre da Veiga   “I’m from Detroit. I’m from the bowels of the vortex. You can put the skyline of Detroit and put it in two blocks of New York City. You can put the skyline…


DEQ 18 Article: DJ Holographic

DJ Holographic article by Steven Reaume photos by Robert Guzman   Out of Detroit’s culturally rich soil grows a sound that redefines dance floors, creates new genres and inspires generations of new artists. The bell curve of creativity from our city, when it peaks, defines a sound that reverberates around the world.   There is…


DEQ 17_18 LP Featuring Jon Dixon, Claude Young Jr., Zoetic, Peter Croce, Viands, Techmarine Bottom Feeders, DJ Moppy, DJ Holographic & Alex Wilcox release Saturday 10/31/20 at Detroit City Distillery 7p,-12midnight (DEQ pop up store)

Thank you for paying attention! Saturday is a DEQ Magazine pop up store, socially distance & masked Halloween Party at Detroit City Distillery 7pm -12 midnight. This will be your chance to score the brand new DEQ 17_18 LP ($15) before it hits the stores. Purchases benefit our nonprofit Detroit Electronic Quarterly Arts Organization. We’ll…